The bookdown Contest

We launched the first bookdown contest on July 27, 2018, and received 43 submissions in two months. Below is the list of award recipients and their bookdown applications (see details on RStudio Community):

Grand prize

Recipient: @pabloc for Data Science Live Book


Pablo showed the possibility of publishing a book with bookdown all by yourself (i.e., self-publishing). If you are interested in self-publishing books, I courage you to read the two blog posts mentioned in the submission, which covered a lot of useful and practical technical tips.

The book is open source on Github (of course!). I hope you could hesitate no more after seeing Pablo’s example, and will enjoy the excitement of having a physical copy of your book in your own hands a couple of months later. I’m sure Pablo will be happy to help if you have any questions on self-publishing.

Runner Up Prizes

The three recipients and their work:

There were several submissions on dissertation/thesis templates, and the above two were picked because (1) the authors have successfully graduated with their degrees, which means they must have won in the constant fight with their graduate schools (I kind of lost in 2013, so they “made it up” for me to some extent); (2) they provided both PDF and web versions of their theses. Pranav’s thesis was based on Chester Ismay’s thesisdown package. Chester really should have received the award, too, but I think the large number of theses, including Pranav’s, is the best award for Chester.

Honorable Mention Prizes

Recipients and their work: