1.2 R and RStudio

This book is about using R (R Core Team 2022) to do regression, not a book about learning R itself. The text assumes you have some basic familiarity with R and RStudio, although you do not need to be an expert by any means. See RStudio Education for Beginners for links to installing R and RStudio and excellent learning resources.

After you install R and RStudio, install some packages that will be used in this text.

    "Rcpp", "gtsummary", "flextable", "gt",
    "car", "gmodels", "Hmisc", "MASS", "sjPlot",
    "ResourceSelection", "logbin",
    "survival", "bshazard",
    "mice", "miceadds", "mitml")


R Core Team. 2022. “R: A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing.” https://www.R-project.org.